Hello, my name is Sami and I am very grateful that you are taking time to get to know me. I would be honored to have the opportunity to get to know you and see how I could be of assistance in helping you create your personal "Life Style Branding".  I'd like to share a bit about   myself. On a personal note; I have always had an interest in "staging my life", in order to make others believe in what they "see" rather than what is. I found myself gravitating towards esoteric fields so that I could aid in helping others feel better about themselves. Helping them create the image of who they DESIRE to be. My background is in FASHION; as a buyer /personal shopper/ display artist. INTERIOR DECORATING; staging homes/ Organizing small spaces/Others tend to I am a mother of three background in fashion as a buyer & display artist in Fashion. I have been a hairdresser & Colorist for 24 years. I have dabbled in catering and event planning and often referred to as the "hostess with the hostess".  I have always been obsessed with ORGANIZING!!!!  So, I've taken ALL my skills, talents and passions and want to offer them to those who struggle in these areas.  I feel a huge calling to help others who have lost their identity, have never truly figured one out or simply don't know how to go about marketing themselves. It is an "esthetic" world out there. People are VISUAL and gravitate to things of beauty. EVERYONE has beauty in them. But most do not believe so. TRUE beauty is INSIDE no argument there, but what good is it if no one takes time to look and see?

I believe we can "wear the inside on the out" and that sometime works against us. I am often wrong about how I perceive someone based on their outward appearance, but unfortunately others do as well. Concluding in a "lost OPPORTUNITY “for that person to grab ate others to them. I believe that if you CREATE your own IMAGE you will then BELIEVE in it and so will others.  It's called "FAKE IT TO MAKE IT"!  (NOT to be FAKE), but to buy into your own fantasy and RECREATION of yourself.